This article contains some basic information about using the Canon M50 with Photo Booth Upload. At the time of this writing, PBU updates have not been released that fully support the M50, so this guide is aimed at helping you to use it within the limitations of the current version of PBU. 

Basic Setup

The Canon M50, when connected to PBU, will be associated with the DSLR camera option (not the "Slow Motion Camera," though it can be assigned to slomo function in the Camera tab of PBU Settings). If the camera is NOT in HFR mode, but is instead using a standard 29.97 fps, then you likely can use it with all the features in PBU, like any compatible Canon. (We say "likely" only because we've had successes so far, but have not tested it so thoroughly that there might not be small incompatibilities that occur during specific circumstances. If you encounter anything like that, please let us know).

Like any Canon, you will want to make sure that the mode dial is set to "M."

If you want to record video (of any speed) with the M50, you will want to set the "Shooting Mode" option in the video menu of the M50 to "Manual." Not doing so can cause PBU to tell you that the camera isn't in manual mode, even if the physical dial is set to "M."

NOTE: If you want to use the M50 to record a burst GIF, make sure that "Focus Before Burst" is DISABLED in PBU. Not doing so can result in the camera becoming non-responsive and requiring a full restart.

Using High Frame-Rate (HFR) Mode for Slow Motion

One of the great benefits of the M50 is its ability to record high quality slow motion video at 120fps. You can use this with the current version of PBU, but there are some limitations.

At the moment, the only functional option with HFR mode is to create a single-segment slow motion video. Our general tutorial on creating Slow Motion video can be found HERE. Unlike in the tutorial, however, you'll want to create only one slow motion segment that covers the entire duration of your video. In other words, if the video is 5 seconds, the segment should run from "0-5." 

A couple things to keep in mind when recording in HFR mode with PBU:

  • When in HFR mode, the camera considers 100% speed to be 120fps
    So if your 5-second record-time slow motion segment is set to play at 100%, then the output from the M50 (at 120 fps) will be slow motion and 20 seconds long (four times the anticipated 30 fps, which PBU assumes is 100%). You can change the speed percentage in your single segment, but keep in mind that the changes will be relative to the base-line 120fps.

  • In camera settings, change your Live View Tv to "1/120" 
    ...and adjust your other DSLR settings values accordingly. This is because no matter what you have selected in Tv, the camera will record in "1/120" with the other active settings. If Tv isn't set to "1/120" in the Live View settings, then your preview will not match the recorded output.

That's it (for now)! If you run into anything unusual or have any questions, please let us know. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and we hope you're able to get some great shots even within the current limitations.