What's up with posting GIFs to Facebook or Video to Instagram or...?
Each social service handles videos and GIFs differently, each with their own limitations.  Below are some guidelines to help you setup for success with each service.
  • Facebook:   GIFs can be played natively on Facebook wall (not album) - No title or description will appear with the GIF (comment will appear). Maximum GIF size is 8MB.  Videos can be played when posted to Facebook album (not wall). Video can have a title and description as well as a comment.
  • Instagram:  GIFs will not post at all to Instagram (Instagram Limitation).  Videos must be between 3-60 seconds and will not post if they are too "choppy".  We found a good formula is 4 photos at 2 frames/sec with 8 loops.
  • Twitter:  Videos and GIFs will both play, must be under 15MB.  Twitter supports a max of 1900x1200 with a max of 40fps.
  • Email: iPhone Mail App will not always show videos (App limitation).  Other apps, computers, and Android all display video.
  • Texting:  iPhones cannot download videos from the web, such as a unique URL microsite (iPhone limitation).  Computers & Android Phones can download videos.