You can enable additional Facebook Features from the Options > Social section in the settings of your event. Follow along below for details on adding a Facebook like button and allowing Facebook Checkin.

Add FB like button:

This option allows you to add a Facebook like button that your guests will have the choice of clicking when they send their media. To enable this feature, click the box for Add FB like button. Then where it says URL to 'like'enter your clients Facebook page URL. Then for 'like' message enter a message that the user will see. When a guest tries to share, they will be given the option to like the page. The guest will need to sign in to their Facebook account to successfully like the page.

Facebook Checkin:

When enabled this feature will allow the user to check-in on a Facebook page. This option will be available to the user before sharing their media. Enter the clients Facebook URL next to URL to 'checkin' followed by a 'checkin' message that will be visible to the user. We recommend giving this feature a test run to best see how it works.

You can find additional information from Facebook regarding how to turn check-ins for a business page on or off by reviewing the information HERE.

Congrats! You're now all set to Like and Check-in during your event!