I can't find the answer to my questions throughout the support page, who should I contact?

  • I DON'T own a Photo Party Station, an INFINITE, or Photo Booth Upload, but I have questions on the product and what it can do. Call Customer Relations at: (323) 473-4893
  • I have a question about Event Pricing, or I'd like to hire LA Photo Party for an event!  Call our Event Manager at: (310) 730-5277
  • I DO own a Photo Party Station, Photo Booth Upload, and/or I'm a Photo Party Upload User and I need some tech support! Call Tech Support at: (323) 473-4883
  • I'd like some custom Graphics for a Green Screen, Morph, Animated GIF, etc. Email Tech Support at: info@photopartyupload.com

How much does Photo Party Upload Cost?

Check out our Pricing break down HERE.

Do you have a trial of the Photo Booth Upload software available?

Yes!  You can sign up for a free trial at https://www.photoboothupload.com/free-trial

Is this going to cost me a lot of money to set up?

No! We find that most photographers already own the essential equipment -- a camera, a laptop PC (or Mac running Boot Camp), and other photography software and accessories. Other than that, the only other investment needed is an iPad or Windows Tablet -- and Photo Party Upload only requires a WiFi-accessible (not 3G or 4G!) iPad or tablet with minimal hard drive space. We’re always finding great deals on eBay and Amazon.com.  And, of course, the Photo Party Upload App and Photo Party Helper are free to download and FREE to use for two weeks -- after which, we start charging at only 10 cents per upload (to Facebook, Twitter, and Email)! Printing is always free! Photo Party Upload is designed to maximize your revenue stream while integrating into your workflow with no disruption -- a win-win situation!

Do I need a Credit Card for my free trial of PBU or PPU? Will I be charged?

Yes, you will need to input a CC to use the trial.

For Photo Booth Upload: if you never bought or registered a license and your trial has ended, you can continue using the program by clicking Try. However, every photo/GIF/video you make will have a Photo Party Upload watermark over it. You will not incur any charges and there is no need to cancel.

For Photo Party Upload: Once your two week trial ends you will incur charges for any further events or uploads you make (depending on your payment plan). If you do not use our service after the trial, you will not be charged unless you have the monthly or yearly plans selected.

Can I transfer my PBU license to more than one computer?

Licenses can only be used on one computer at a time. They may be transferred to a new computer up to three times in the first year of ownership.

Does Photo Party Upload support Android?

Not at this time... The Helper must run on a Windows PC, and the Kiosk can run on Windows or an iPad.

What hardware do I need to run Photo Party Upload (PPU)?

The Helper component of the software can used with any camera tethered to a Windows computer (typically via USB), and the Kiosk component can be used on any iPad (iPad 4 or newer) or Windows tablet (Windows RT tablets are not supported).

What are the minimum specifications to run PBU?

Check out our hardware and software spec sheet HERE.

How do you guys use an iPad with event Photography?

  • We have seen photographers using Photo Party Upload in a TON of different ways. Here are some of our favorites...
  • Linked wirelessly to a Photo Booth or Green Screen setup. Attach the iPad to tables using a mounting arm so that guests can access, upload, and print photos they took in your Photo Booth or Green Screen setup.
  • With one of our custom branded tablet stands. More info can be found HERE.
  • With an iPad Photo Pole. Customized pole on wheels to mount a camera, light, laptop, and up to 4 iPads on a mobile base, allows you to wheel the action around an event or trade-show.

What printers do you use?

We use the Mitsubishi D70, but Photo Party Upload works with any Windows-compatible printer. You can purchase the Mitsubishi D70 from B&H HERE.

How do I turn off Windows 10 automatic updates?

Windows 10 will default to an Automatic Update setting.  While Windows recommends this status, we suggest your wait on all windows updates until we at Photo Party Upload and Photo Booth Upload have done tests to ensure your programs are not effected.  Please note that when Windows performs an update, it will automatically enable firewall.  Make sure firewall is turned OFF to ensure PBU and PPU Helper work nicely together.

To Turn off Automatic Updates follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app, select "Update & security",
  • Select “Advanced options” at the bottom of the Windows Update pane.
  • Select “Notify to schedule restart” instead of “Automatic(recommended).”

Windows will now ask you when you want to reboot after it installs updates.

What are your shipping specifications?

To ship the Photo Party Station we use 2 boxes. The box sizes are:

25 X 21 X 34 - 75 lbs

25 X 19 X 12 - 50 lbs

What size does the overlay file have to be?

Green screens are made out of two files. A JPG background and a PNG overlay. These are whatever size you want your photos to be (in most cases, you will make these as either 4X6 or 6X4 at 300DPI). The PNG overlay should be saved as a non-interlaced PNG file at the same size as the background (transparent where you want the photo to show through).

What Hotspot/Wifi source do you use at your activations?

We use a Verizon Jetpack at all of our LA Photo Party activations.

What's the Privacy Policy for pictures sent through Photo Party Upload (PPU)?

LA Photo Party does not own nor will ever use any media captured by photographers who use Photo Party Upload, without the photographer's express written permission. All media is owned by the photographer and LA Photo Party claims no ownership of said media.

Since the images are hosted on your servers, is there something in the licenses use agreement stating that your company cannot/will not use these images in any way?

We will never use your photos for anything, ever. Any promotional photos we use we have taken ourselves. Any media you capture and share through our service, including images hosted on our server, are owned by you, and will never be used by us without your express written permission.

I keep getting a .NET framework error. What do I do?

Please install the latest .Net Framework located HERE - this will fix the issue.

I have received this message "Error: Contact Application Vendor." What do I do?

This is an error that occurs when the Photo Party Upload Helper encounters a problem during installation/updating.

To fix this, uninstall the Helper program then reinstall it from this link: http://login.photopartyupload.com/helper/