Under the Options > Video/GIF category is an option to "Upload videos to YouTube Channel".  With this feature enabled, you will automatically upload videos to a selected YouTube Channel, and any other shares made will contain a link to the YouTube video.  Follow along below to set up and configure this feature.

Please note: This feature is currently only available for the Windows Tablet/Kiosk version of PPU.  Not for iPad.


Go to https://console.developers.google.com/project and click on the "Create New Project" button.



On the left hand side navigation bar, click on APIs & Auth, then on APIs. Turn ON YouTube Data API V3.



Click on "Create New Client ID".


Select "Installed Application" and "Other", then click "Create Client ID".


Here is your Client ID and Client Secret that you will need to copy and paste into Event Manager when creating your Photo Party Upload event.


Fill in the Consent Screen information with your Email, Company Name, Homepage and Logo.


When creating your event in Event Manager, select Options from the menu on the left, then select Video / GIF to find the Upload videos to YouTube channel option.



Fill out the fields Client ID and Client Secret. Add a title, description and tags, then click on the blue link that says Click to login to YouTube and give permissions to publish to channel.


After clicking on the blue link that says "Click to login to YouTube and give permissions to publish to channel" a pop-up will appear. Click through and Copy the code displayed and paste into the Access Token Field.


You are finished! Click next and Accept to save your event settings. A YouTube button will now appear on the Share Screen within the Photo Party Upload App.