The share button is not showing up after taking my photos or videos?

In PBU, check if the Disable Share Screen option is checked (It should not be checked if you want the share button).  If the share button still does not show up, make sure your desired sharing is enabled for that event in Event Manager.


My camera is set on manual but PPU is saying it is not on manual?

Make sure the Canon EOS tethering software is turned off.  It may interfere with Photo Party Upload.

The Slow Motion camera is not showing up in the software?

This may be an issue with the exposure settings for the slow motion camera. Ensure that the top knob on the camera itself is all the way to the right. Then go into the Camera Settings tab of PBU and select the slow motion camera.

Most of the time exposure is set all the way to zero, giving a black preview screen. Change this to a higher value to solve the problem

Running into lag / slow down between taking photos?

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions for if you are seeing a lag between taking guest photos in Photo Booth Upload (PBU).

1.  Check your computer's CPU Usage.  Is something pulling a lot of bandwidth that can be alleviated?

2.  How much space do you have on your computer's hard drive?  If there is not a lot of space, your computer may begin to run slow.

3.  Check that your DSLR is on AUTO White Balance in Camera Settings > DSLR Settings.  

4.  Check that all three Camera Mode's are set to DSLR (Or the camera you want them set on).  (Photo Camera, Video Camera, Main Screen Camera.)  If one is set to your slow motion video, or your webcam the system has to take an extra moment to switch between cameras between each shot.