Is it going to be hard to set up my Facebook, Twitter, and email uploads? I'm not good with PCs.

Setting up your event is easy! You set up an account online, which you can access from any location with Web access. Once you have your login and password, you can follow the easy-to-use instructions on our Event Manager website to create your event, list essential details, customize the Facebook Photo Album, personalize the Twitter Stream, and preset any email messages your guests may send. And don’t forget -- you can test out as many events as you want during your FREE two-week trial!

Are there any limits to posting videos to Instagram?

Videos posted to Instagram must be more than 3 seconds long and less than 60 seconds long. Also, videos that are too "jerky" (like many videos made from GIFs) may be rejected by Instagram.  Remember, at this point in time, our Instagram sharing is in a perpetual beta mode.

Why aren't my Instagram or Facebook tags searchable?

Unfortunately, hashtags uploaded to Instagram via any third party app such as our Photo Party Upload software are not currently able to be indexed. This is an ongoing issue with Instagram that they are aware of, and will hopefully be looking to modify in the future. For now, your photos will appear with their hashtag captions, but these hashtags will not be indexed into the greater hashtag database.  Click HERE to read an article discussing the issue in detail.  Facebook is not the best solution for hashtags at all.

When my guests post to their pictures to Facebook or Twitter, will those pictures include the name "Photo Party Upload?"

Not at all! Remember, you get to determine the name of the Facebook Album and the Twitter Stream your guests will see. When you create an event using Event Manager, you can call it whatever you want -- Photo Party Upload is here to make your branding more accessible.

I'm setting up Photo Party Upload on my iPad and the Facebook Feature isn't working!  It seems to freeze the app.  What do I do?

If you’ve installed the Facebook App on your iPad, that is most likely interfering with the full functionality of Photo Party Upload. Uninstall the Facebook App before using Photo Party Upload -- Facebook is then free to interface quickly and easily with Photo Party Upload.

Is there a way to send emails to all patrons from an event with their photos attached?

All photos shared through email are saved in the body of the email. At the moment, there is no easy way to send the guests photos as an attachment. However, you can do so manually after the event. In the Photo Party Upload Events page, you can download the EVENT DATA .xlsx file.  This includes e-mails of subjects and the file name associated.  You can then attach those photos to individual or group e-mails.

What's up with posting GIFs to Facebook or Video to Instagram or...?
Each social service handles videos and GIFs differently, each with their own limitations.  Below are some guidelines to help you setup for success with each service.
  • Facebook:   GIFs can be played natively on Facebook wall (not album) - No title or description will appear with the GIF (comment will appear). Maximum GIF size is 8MB.  Videos can be played when posted to Facebook album (not wall). Video can have a title and description as well as a comment.
  • Instagram:  GIFs will not post at all to Instagram (Instagram Limitation).  Videos must be between 3-60 seconds and will not post if they are too "choppy".  We found a good formula is 4 photos at 2 frames/sec with 8 loops.
  • Twitter:  Videos and GIFs will both play, must be under 15MB.  Twitter supports a max of 1900x1200 with a max of 40fps.
  • Email: iPhone Mail App will not always show videos (App limitation).  Other apps, computers, and Android all display video.
  • Texting:  iPhones cannot download videos from the web, such as a unique URL microsite (iPhone limitation).  Computers & Android Phones can download videos.

Why are my GIFs showing up as photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Unfortunately Instagram's parameters do not allow the hosting of native GIFs (GIFs showing up directly on the news feed). We've gotten around this by selecting unique url in event manager, which produces a microsite that hosts your shared media OR by saving your GIF as a video.

Here's how:

In the GIF tab in the Photo Booth Upload Program, select create new GIF.

In the top right of the window that opens, click Configure Video.

In the window that opens select the only option, Save as video.

Instagram will reject videos it sees as "choppy," so we suggest taking many photos or using an animated overlay. Also, setting your GIF to take 4 photos at 2 fps for 8 loops seems to help get your video on Instagram.

Facebook will allow GIFs to play on feeds but they must be linked directly from a webpage. That means no informational text will surround a GIF that plays in Facebook. To do this go to your event settings in Event Manager and enable Simple Facebook Posting, or check the box next to Upload all GIFs to Wall, not Album.

Why is my GIF Post on my Facebook wall Blank?

If your GIF is posting to your wall blank, without a thumbnail photo, or its not playing- your GIF may be too large.  We have found that Facebook doesn't like to display GIFs that are larger than 8mb.  Check the size of your GIF and perhaps lower the output settings.