Can I use my 3G or 4G iPad as a hotspot to connect all of my event devices to the internet?

No. Unfortunately due to a limitation with iPads, the iPad creating the hotspot will not be able to communicate with the other devices connected to the hotspot. For Photo Party Upload to work properly, the iPad must be able to communicate with the PC running the PPU Helper App.  If you have extra iPads (First of all, good for you), you CAN use an iPad to create a hotspot as long as you are not using that same iPad as part of your Photo and Social Sharing set-up.

What if I'm working at a festival or on the street -- how do I get my computers connect to the web? Do I need to get the 3G or 4G iPads?

NO. Only the computer running Photo Party Helper needs to have Web access, not the iPad itself. We recommend getting a mobile hotspot such as the MiFi or another similar device. Mobile hotspots allow you to get Web access AND they act as a router, so your PC will have Web access and a generated wireless network on which to connect to the iPad. For Windows 7 computers, we also recommend checking out a program called Connectify. It’s free (for non-commercial use), and makes your computer into its own router. This way, you can connect your PC to a nearby WiFi network then re-broadcast it securely over the PC-generated network created by Connectify.

What Hotspot/Wifi source do you use at your activations?

We use the Verizon 4g LTE Jetpack at all of our LA Photo Party activations and our company is on the 2gb/month plan.

Can I use my iPhone as a hotspot?

iPhone hotspots will work fine. The thing to remember with phone or tablet as a hotspot is that by default both iOS and Android devices act as the router/server and not a client on the network. So they can't actually send/receive files from the devices attached to them. So using an iPad as a hotspot while also running the Kiosk app on it will not work. Running one iPad or phone as a hotspot while other devices connected to it run Helper or the Kiosk app will work fine because the hotspot device isn't expected to pass data like a client device would. The device running as a hotspot can't pass it's data to anything connected to it, but can only relay the data of other devices through it.

How to turn off Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

Windows 10 will default to an Automatic Update setting. While Windows recommends this status, we suggest your wait on all windows updates until we at Photo Party Upload and Photo Booth Upload have done tests to ensure your programs are not effected.

To Turn off Automatic Updates follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app, select "Update & security", 
  • Select “Advanced options” at the bottom of the Windows Update pane.
  • Select “Notify to schedule restart” instead of “Automatic(recommended).” 

Windows will now ask you when you want to reboot after it installs updates.